Sales Manager


Minimum education:


Number of recruits:


Experience Requirements:


Work area:


Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for customer reception and service, and provide customers with professional and sincere services;
2. Responsible for timely and effective communication with customers and help customers solve problems;
3. Provide professional administrative support, including video and communication services, office supplies procurement, meeting room reservations, etc.;
4. Assist the manager to organize the daily activities of the office, and be responsible for resource allocation and logistics services;
5. Complete other work arranged by the manager;



1. Good image and temperament, major in management;
2. Previous graduates are welcome, and those with relevant experience in co-working or service are preferred;
3. It is required to have strong communication skills, expression skills, sense of responsibility and service awareness, strong organizational skills, learning skills, analysis skills, understanding skills and summary skills;
4. It is required to be proficient in using office software, and be fluent in spoken and written English;
5. The work place is No. 35, Tianyou Road, Bingang Industrial City, Shamen Town.

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