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June 1, 2017 is a very special day for us Zhejiang people, because from this day we officially bid farewell to the old factory and settled in a new site, which marks the beginning of a new journey for Zhejiang people.

In just 10 days from the beginning of the tense dismantling and packing equipment work on May 22 to the official settlement of the new site on June 1, all our employees are doing their best to make their own contributions. This moved me very much, and while I was moved, I remembered that a question that had puzzled me some time ago now finally has an answer. What is the core competitiveness of our Zhejiang Spring? Isn't it just a group of employees who are not afraid of hard work and dedication in ordinary work. Some people say that from ordinary to great, there are thousands of miles away, but only one step away. 

Ordinary, there is no earth-shattering rhetoric, no heroic spirit of Changhong, but there is a belief: dedicate yourself to ordinary work! We have such a group of people in Zhejiang Spring. Maybe they are not inconspicuous, but they emit light and heat from inconspicuous positions. Just like figs, there is no fragrance of flowers, no splendor of flowers, only those who have tasted them will understand that such a magnificent fruit hides such magnificent petals inside, and such a refreshing juice permeates under the ordinary appearance.

It is they who have done extraordinary work in ordinary positions. I sincerely hope that they can persevere in the ordinary, understand the true meaning of work, feel the joy of work, and use their wisdom and sweat to achieve their dreams.



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